The Strategic and Leveraging Grant stream includes grant schemes that address identified strategic and national priorities and support leveraging funding. 


The Strategic and Leveraging Grant stream includes: 

In addition, NHMRC will introduce a separate funding scheme for Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies Grants.  

Targeted Calls for Research are also being strengthened under the new Framework for Identification and Prioritisation of Targeted Calls for Research. NHMRC will continue to use this framework to seek and prioritise nominations from community and professional groups and other sources for specific health topics warranting a Targeted Call for Research. Work to identify topics of national significance will also continue with the Australian Health Ministers’ Advisory Council. More information about NHMRC’s Targeted Calls for Research Online Pathway is available on the NHMRC website.

Postgraduate Scholarships will remain unchanged for the first round of the new grant program.

For information on the grants in the Strategic and Leveraging Grant scheme, please refer to their respective pages on the main NHMRC website.