This competitive grant opportunity will provide support for Australian research teams to conduct clinical trials research in collaboration with international counterparts

How to Apply

All applicants are required to commence their application and provide the specified minimum data in RGMS by 5pm ACT local time on Wednesday 21 November 2018 to allow the NHMRC to start sourcing reviewers with appropriate expertise.  Applications initiated after this date will not be accepted.

A complete application to the ICTC grant opportunity must consist of the following:

  • The relevant information in your RGMS profile and CV
  • Completion of Parts A and B of the RGMS application form
  • Grant Proposal PDF (uploaded); and
  • Letter/s of Support from international partner research organisations (uploaded)

NHMRC’s RGMS must be used to access/update your profile and CV and to submit applications. Applicants who are not registered in RGMS should contact the Research Help Centre by emailing for more information.

If you require more information, direct your inquiry to your Administering Institution Research Administration Office in the first instance. If you require further assistance contact the Research Help Centre on 1800 500 983, or email

Before you submit an application, please make sure you have:


Step One

Read all relevant reference material

GrantConnect GO Documents


Step Two

Liaised with your Administering Institution to identify any specific requirements that the institution may have


Step Three

Ensure your application is complete and correct.