The theme for the 7th Annual NHMRC Symposium on Research Translation: partnering with The Reward Alliance will be ‘Ensuring Value in Research’.

The REWARD Alliance is an international network of funders, editors, researchers and other stakeholders with a shared interest in ensuring value in health and medical research.

A particular focus will be on:

  1. Improving research efficiency and/or quality
  2. Ensuring value through data sharing and data linkage
  3. Setting research priorities
  4. Reporting guidelines and standards
  5. Conducting robust research and improving research systems

Symposium speakers include:

  • Hilda Bastian
  • Professor Virginia Barbour
  • Dr Glenn Begley
  • Professor Paul Glasziou
  • Professor Rachelle Buchbinder
  • Professor Malcolm Macleod
  • Dr Tony Penna
  • Dr Matthew Westmore
  • Professor Ingrid Winship

The Symposium is for anyone with an interest in ensuring that research contributes to knowledge and improved health outcomes in the most effective and efficient way. Participants may include preclinical and clinical researchers, health services and public health researchers, policy makers, health care practitioners and managers, community members in health care and consumers. Symposium participants will also have the opportunity to network with, learn from, and establish collaborations with others committed to ensuring value in research. 

Registrations are now open – closing date for early bird registrations is 26 October 2018


The University of Sydney, Abercrombie Business School, Darlington NSW

Event date

Tue, 2018-11-27 09:00 - Wed, 2018-11-28 17:00

Sydney, Australia The 7th Annual NHMRC Symposium on Research Translation will be held at The University of Sydney in November. This year, the National Health and Medical Research Council will be partnering with The REWARD Alliance.
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