An Expert Grant Review Panel has determined the budget for approved personnel support packages which commenced in 2015. This document details the components of the budget and allowances included, such as equipment and salaries.


Publication Data

Personnel support packages

$ Per annum

PSP1 - Technical support - non-graduate personnel 52,699
PSP2 - Junior graduate research assistant; or junior graduate nurse, midwife or allied health professional; or junior data manager/data analyst 65,805
PSP3 - Experienced graduate research assistant/junior postdoctoral research officer; or experienced graduate nurse, midwife or allied health professional; or experienced data manager/analyst 72,359
PSP4 - Experienced postdoctoral researcher (i.e., a researcher who may be considered as a named investigator on the research application and/or approaching the NHMRC CDF scheme or equivalent), or clinician without specialist qualifications 85,466
PSP5 - Senior experienced postdoctoral researcher (i.e., a researcher who would normally be considered as a named investigator on the research application and is more than 10yrs post doctoral and/or would be expected to have applied for or held an NHMRC CDF (formerly CDA) or equivalent) 92,019

Note that an annual indexation may be applied to the PSPs.

Direct Research Costs

Direct Research Costs are allotted in one or more quanta of $5,000. The total amount will be determined by the PRP on the basis of their experience of the type of research being undertaken and from consideration of special items justified by the applicant. This may include small equipment items.


Equipment requests may be awarded for items individually costing over $10,000 which are essential to the project. The total request can not exceed $80,000.

Salary Loading (Project Grants)

Clinical Loadings are not included in the budget determined by the PRP. Rather, administering institutions have an opportunity to separately claim a Clinical Research Quantum for any staff entitled to a clinical loading. The NHMRC will provide $7,500 for staff entitled to a half-medical loading or full dental loading and $15,000 for those entitled to a full medical loading.

Post Award Administration of Budget

Use of all grant funds must comply with the NHMRC Funding Agreement between the Commonwealth of Australia and the Administering Institution.